Why You Should Scale Down On Carbs

Why You Should Scale Down On Carbs

Start to Scale Down Your Carb Intake Dramatically

Please understand that our goal here is to trigger dietary ketosis. It requires a process of transformation.
But you must eventually be ketogenic. In other words, you have to turn over to fat instead of sugar at a certain point in time. This is where things come true with the keto diet.

But you must eventually be ketogenic. In other words, you have to turn over to fat instead of sugar at a certain point in time. This is where things come true with the keto diet.

This can only happen when you begin to reduce your carb intake dramatically. How come? How come? You don’t burn fat for fuel when insulin is on the photo. Seriously. It’s that fast.

When you eat more than 12 to 25 carbohydrates every day, your body produces glucose and uses sugar primarily for fuel all day long.
At this point, you will have to scale down your carb intake significantly, so that you can fall below the maximum daily carb intake of 12 to 25 grams. Fortunately, two beautiful foods are available to you.

Your Ketogenic Wonder Food #1: Eggs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had an egg softness. They’re lightweight; they’re pretty straightforward, they’re easy to prepare, and filled with meat.

Eggs are packed with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients, and they don’t pack a lot of calories per gram. Did you know that Weight Watchers are no longer giving points to eggs?

Okay, those things have been washed out. Now, you can eat a little chicken. This is consistent with new research that shows that eggs are not suitable for you. Eggs have been demonized as cholesterol bombs in the United States and elsewhere for the longest time. Well, it turns out, after decades of research, that it’s sugar that makes us sick and fat. It’s not bacon. Not the food fat. Interested that things are going to change, right?

That’s why it’s a good idea to fill the eggs. Maybe you like it boiled. Perhaps you want it sunny side up; it doesn’t matter. Load the eggs. This is a fantastic keto food. One to two eggs are supposed to be beautiful. They fill you up and make you feel fuller for a more extended period.

Your Ketogenic Wonder Food #2: Avocado

As I mentioned earlier, avocado is not exactly a “default taste” for most people. It’s not like you wake up one day, and you think, “I can’t wait to enjoy a flat avocado.” Either you’re eating avocado in the form of ice cream, or you’re making it into guacamole.

But as a fruit of its own, added to a salad of greens, it takes a little to do. It’s going to take some getting used to. But if you want to take your keto diet to the next level and scale your carbohydrate intake down dramatically, you’ll be loaded with avocado. It’s packed in fat, but it also has dietary fiber and is packed with vitamins. It’s just right for you.
And it’s easy to get used to because it’s very versatile. You can mix it with greens of all kinds or combine it with the chicken. It’s a good thing.

Your Ketogenic Wonder Food #3: Cauliflower

I include cauliflower here, knowing full well that it has carbohydrates. That’s why it’s a good idea to use moderate amounts of cauliflower. You might be able to prepare it once every other day, or a little more often. I include cauliflower here because a number of us members of the standard American diet are used to eat a lot of carbohydrates every day.

I used to eat a lot of rice in my case. Cauliflower has saved my life as far as my keto diet is concerned. Why? Why? Instead of putting it on brown rice, red rice, or flat steamed white rice, I make “rice” cauliflower. You grind it up, and then you fry it. You can turn it into “fried rice,” or you can serve it fried or sautéed. It has about the same flavor as pasta but is filled with protein instead of carbs. Of note, you should only eat a small amount of protein every day.

You can’t go overboard with protein because, as I mentioned earlier in this article, your liver turns protein into sugar. It’s called glucogenesis. You don’t want this to happen because you want to minimize the amount of sugar in your ketosis process, regardless of its source, to work its wonders.